Senior takes Best of Show in Juried Student Art Exhibit

HUNTINGTON, Ind. Huntington University senior Becky Evans took Best of Show at the 22nd Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit. The students' works are on display in the Robert E. Wilson Gallery on campus through April 5.

This show is a juried exhibit of works created by Huntington University visual art students during this academic year. There is a variety of media on display including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, drawings, computer illustration and photography. The guest juror for the exhibit was James Miles, professor of photography at Taylor University.

The RichLyn Library Purchase Award is a piece chosen by the library to become part of its permanent collection. The Robert E. Wilson Purchase Award is chosen by the art faculty to become part of the gallery's permanent collection.

The students recognized and their pieces are:

Best of Show: Becky Evans, a senior art education major from Zeeland, Mich., "Pop Art"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5548.jpg
First place: Coleson Amon, a sophomore graphic design major from Stoneboro, Pa., "Silhouette"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5560.jpg
Second place: Alan Hay, a senior studio art major from Fort Mill S.C., "Unicorn Pipe Dreams"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5576.jpg
Third place: Dana Stewart, a senior art education major from Fairfield, Pa., "Division"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5542.jpg
RichLyn Library Purchase Award: Hannah Hochstetler, a sophomore graphic design major from Goshen, Ind., "Krishna"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5546.jpg
Robert E. Wilson Purchase Award: Dana Stewart, "After the Fire, 1"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5536.jpg
Outstanding Achievement Awards:
2D Design: Vince Bruinsma, a senior business management major from South Bend, Ind., "Decay"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5568.jpg
3D Design: Karyssa Boyd, a senior nursing major from Urbana, Ind., "Wire Heel"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5574.jpg
Drawing: Abi Freeland, a freshman animation major from Andrews, Ind., "So What?/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5566.jpg
Drawing: Becky Evans, "This is Dana"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5564.jpg
Drawing: Becky Evans, "This is Rachel"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5550.jpg
Painting: Becky Evans, "I'm a Cat Person"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5556.jpg
Painting: Becky Evans, "Who Am I?"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5558.jpg
Painting: Kendra Kendall, a senior theater design and technology major from Mount Vernon, Ind., "Me and Pippin, Pippin and Me"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5554.jpg
Painting: Kendra Kendall, "Fissure"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5586.jpg
Printmaking: Gaynel Mullings, a senior biology major from Malvern, Jamaica, "Sunset Explosion"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5562.jpg
Computer illustration: Hannah Hochstetler, "Tea Party"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5552.jpg
Photography: Sarah Stine, a junior art education major from Huntington, Ind., "The Show is Over"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5588.jpg
Sculpture: Nathan Dracht, a senior art education major from Hudsonville, Mich., "Playful Koi Fish"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5579.jpg
Ceramics: Alan Hay, "Faith Urn"/uploadedImages/News/News_Release_Images/2011-2012/Juried_Art_Show_Winners/_MRG5583.jpg

The Wilson Gallery is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., before and after all Merillat Centre for the Arts performances and by appointment. The gallery is free and open to the public.