There are almost always options!

Lots of people will help you at HU! But when you feel like you are out of options, you have the OSS! The purpose of the Office of Student Success (OSS) at Huntington is to be your advocate, to pull and analyze information for you to give you options that you never knew you had and recommend various creative and pragmatic tactics that will enable you to overcome your obstacles positioning you for success. 

You define what “Your Success” looks like. It is our job to help you be successful. 

Sometimes, you might feel alone, and not know where to turn. As the old proverb says, “when you are in a hole, quit digging!” We are dedicated to being available and making sense out of the chaos. More than likely, “we’ve” been doing “success” at college longer than you have been alive. So, we know the academic ropes, the educational policies, the assistance resources, and the magnificent people who can help you be successful at HU.

Our services are confidential.