Personal Counseling is available to students at no cost and is confidential. Assistance is available for a variety of concerns including emotional, academic, social, spiritual, premarital, and family. 

Many college students will go through changes and growth while at school. Here at Huntington that will be no different. There are plenty of resources that students can utilize to make the hard times a little easier. One that is particularly useful is ULifeline. This site provides crucial information about common issues such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Suicide Thoughts, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Stress, Alcohol and Drugs, Cutting/Self-harm, and much more. They can break down a description, give you clear signs and symptoms, offer resources for how you get help, and if you know of someone experiencing these struggles there are many resources for how you can help a friend! 

The office is located on the upper level of the HUB. To schedule an appointment contact Layla Solms at (260) 359-4027.

Martha Smith

Dean of Student Services and Director of Career Development and Counseling
(260) 359-4040

Layla Solms

Secretary to Student Services and Campus Ministries
(260) 359-4027

Also available on this site are articles relating to struggles college students experience along with expert advice and commentary. You can even find stories from actual college students that went through these common struggles and how they were helped out of them. 

To access this site please click here: ULifeline