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Understand a Functioning Human Society

Societies and groups go hand in hand with individuals. Individuals are deeply impacted by the societies and groups in their midst, and likewise, individuals have a profoundly significant role in influencing groups and societies. HU’s sociology program strongly emphasizes this reality in order to help students learn about social problems and solutions, social change, social diversity, and social institutions through a Christian worldview. 

At Huntington University, our Christian liberal arts setting puts us in a unique place to explore every aspect of sociology. Get ready to grow in:

  • assessing multiple perspectives
  • articulating the role of faith in society
  • exploring social groups in a personal way
  • facilitating societal change
  • understanding cultures and societies
  • empathizing with humanity

Sociology Majors & Minors


You might be a future social impact-maker if…

If you have a desire to advocate for underrepresented people groups, take a stand for social justice, and fight for understanding and resolution in the face of social conflict, studying sociology is the right fit. 

A degree in sociology opens doors to careers in advocacy, research, education, and law enforcement. Whether you’re interested in international crime, mental and emotional problems, or organizational communication, entering the workforce with a background in sociology equips you to see multiple perspectives from a Christ-centered lens. Your ability to navigate social problems and identify possible solutions will help you influence groups and societies for good. 

Career Opportunities
  • Social services worker
  • Probation officer
  • Juvenile center leader
  • Camp counselor
  • Recreation leader
  • Suicide hotline worker
  • Law enforcement
  • Director for senior citizen center
  • College professor (graduate degree required*)
  • Urban planner*
  • Marriage counselor*
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