Refugee Studies Minor

Refugee studies is a young and growing interdisciplinary academic field that studies the political and legal status of displaced people and groups, which entails exploration of such topics as human rights, political advocacy, ethnic identity, religious and social conflict, migration, and asylum policies in various nations. 

What will I study?

This multidisciplinary minor combines courses in political science, development studies, international relations, human geography, peace studies, and sociology to form a wide knowledge base. The foundation provides enhanced opportunities for students who have an interest in humanitarian and societal issues. 

The HU Difference

HU’s refugee studies minor is one of few programs like this in the United States. Though the topics covered by this minor are becoming part of a global conversation, refugee studies programs have, until recently, been limited to the United Kingdom and Australia.

Career Paths

Though the official refugee studies minor is new to HU, we have a number of recent graduates who are working in the field.

  • Rosa Cruz is working for the State of Texas helping manage its influx of refugees.
  • Melissa Grossman is working for Catholic Charities in Fort Wayne as a direct support person for arriving refugees. 
  • Joni Michaud’s legal practice in Michigan is works directly with refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Jon Brenneman is pursuing a master of arts in Peace Studies at Notre Dame