What Joyful Noise means to me

Eric Baker, Class of 2017
Major: Worship Leadership
Minor: Philosophy

I have been able to play piano for Joyful Noise for two years, each year has been great with its own unique set of experiences. I feel challenged by the role I'm in to be a more consistent person.

I love the people I get to lead with in chapel, but also I have gotten to talk to so many students I wouldn't have been able to meet as easily if I wasn't in J-Noise. Getting to know people's stories and make new, deep relationships with people is a big plus to my job.

I have been very blessed to be in a campus that has a focus on ministry not only all over the world, but also here at the place we call home. Campus ministries works hard to give us development and community. However, Campus Ministries and other leadership teams… can only give you opportunities to fall to your knees, break your heart for what breaks your Father's, or give an affirmation to a friend in an intimate worship setting. What changes hearts and changes the world is our God who gives us drives, dreams, and callings. Campus Ministries is something that is most impactful to me when it agrees with the Lord's greater ministry and works in harmony with it.