Academic Exchange

In the spirit of creating a more culturally aware and globally responsible campus community the Global Studies Office will work to provide and develop intercultural academic exchange opportunities for faculty, students, and visitors. The GSO will do this through J-1 scholar, student exchange, and short term international visitor programs.

J-1 Scholar Program

The J-1 Program aims to allow scholars from around the world opportunities for teaching and research in their respective fields at Huntington University. Visiting professors will teach one or two classes per semester. They may also lecture and observe in regular university courses or at university-sponsored events. Visiting professors may also conduct research. Visiting professors will be invited to participate in campus events and lectures as their interests and schedules permit. The GSO will make arrangements for exchange visitors to meet key community leaders.

Student Exchange Program

The GSO will work with foreign universities to offer student exchange programs for international studies. The program will invite universities in places such as China to send students to study for up to a year at Huntington University. In return Huntington University students will be able to study at the partner university. This program will be developed so that students continue to pay tuition to their respective universities. This program will allow for a more diverse student population on campus and further opportunities for HU students to learn about other cultures both here and abroad.

Short-Term Visitors

The GSO will work to give international school systems opportunities to send students for a brief visit to Huntington University to learn about American Culture and experience an American college campus. The groups will be invited to come for three to four weeks and will be provided cultural experiences including attending classes, travelling to regional cities, and experiencing American cultural life such as athletic events, shopping, and museums.