Distinguished Service Award

The Huntington University Foundation Distinguished Service Award, established in 2002, each year honors an individual or business who embodies the very principles associated with the mission of the University. The award is presented to those individuals or businesses who gives substance and credence to our beliefs, serves as an effective role model for our students, and who is recognized for their tremendous contributions to the greater Huntington County community.

Their actions, as well as their words, bear persuasive witness to their commitment to the University and community. Their lives illustrate their commitment to integrity, service, compassion, responsibility, faithfulness, discipline, and generosity.

The past recipients of the Distinguished Service Award are:

2020   Our Sunday Visitor
2019   Ed Vessels
2018   Dan and Barb Drummond
2017   Brooks Fetters
2016   Marj and Homer Hiner
2015   Ryan Warner
2014   Carol Shuttleworth
2013   Ralph Johnson
2012   Pathfinder Services
2011   Elizabeth "Lizzie" O'Donnell (posthumously)
2010   Parkview Huntington Hospital
2009   Emmy Purviance Henn
2008   Steve Platt
2007   Robert Brown
2006   Huntington Herald-Press
2005   Ned Kiser
2004   Steve Zahn
2003   Kay LaMont & Ted Bendall
2002   Gene Snowden & Harold “Potch” Wheeler