Language and Culture

The Spanish program offered at Huntington University teaches students proficiency in the Spanish language and provides courses on Hispanic on culture, civilization, and literature. General classes as well as a minor are offered to students. Students must spend a semester in Spain to complete this minor.

Open Doors for Future Careers

Spanish is also attractive to prospective employers because it is indicative of the ability to perform duties bilingually. In the United States and around the world, the ability to converse in Spanish can open many doors.

We will help you improve your proficiency in understanding native speech and writing, and allow you to communicate effectively and creatively in both oral and written modes.

Spanish will increase your understanding and appreciation of and empathy for the peoples of Hispanic cultures through exposure to representative literary works and to the culture and histories of Spain and the Americas, through study of the regions’ historical, philosophical, religious, and artistic development; and through awareness of issues and lifestyles of contemporary Hispanic societies.