Feb 19

“Be A Teacher” Day


If you are interested in language, literature, artistic expression, and critical thinking, the English Department may be for you! At Huntington University, the size of classes as well as the mission of the college allows for considerable individual interaction between faculty and students. We award the Bachelor of Arts degree (for general preparation and as a foundation for graduate study) and the Bachelor of Science in education degree (to prepare for teaching).

Strong Foundation, Effective Educator

As an English education major at Huntington University, you will study American, British, and European literature while gaining comprehensive experience in a series a courses, field experiences and, of course, classroom experience throughout your time at HU.

At Huntington, you will gain specifically designed skills for English education majors that will give you hands-on, practical experiences every semester. You will complete a three-week, full-day practicum in a multicultural school in Fort Wayne as well as observation and participation hours in the actual classroom before you ever begin student teaching. At Huntington, you will gain wide exposure to different grade levels and styles of teaching and learning.

As a graduate, you will be licensed to teach grades 5-12 in English.

High-Quality Graduates

Huntington students have a very high rate of passage on state education competency tests. Our NCATE-accredited program is specifically designed for students who wish to obtain an Indiana teaching license. Reciprocity agreements with other states help our graduates find employment all across the country.