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Earning a dual degree in electrical engineering and mathematics is a recipe for career success. This parallel dual-degree program is offered in partnership with the University of North Dakota. Its unique design enables you to learn on HU’s campus alongside your peers, while also earning an online electrical engineering degree through the University of North Dakota’s exceptional College of Engineering and Mines—a successful, accredited distance-based program with over 30 years of history. If you want a program that will set you up for success, while allowing you to thrive at HU, this is it. 

Dr. Jeffrey Lehman
Professor of Computer Science / Department Chair

We are pleased to be offering an ABET-accredited electrical engineering program to our students at Huntington University. The University of North Dakota has a long history of teaching electrical engineering students remotely.

Dr. Andrew Hoffman
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

After completing the program, students will have an industry-ready engineering degree, a mathematics degree to set them apart from their peers, and a liberal arts background to round out their skill sets. We expect this program to prepare not just engineers but leaders in the engineering field.


Electrical Engineering Curriculum

The combination of a college degree in both mathematics and electrical engineering can make a huge impact when applying to graduate schools or jobs. While engineering courses are offered online, students meet in person to watch course lectures and complete lab assignments. Students work closely with our local engineering advisor and mathematics faculty. You will also purchase your own electronics kit and have access to the HU electronics lab, along with all of the required software in the University of North Dakota library. 

Program Details and FAQs

Am I considered a full-time student at both HU and UND?

A student enrolled in this program can participate in student activities and use all available facilities at both institutions. A resident student may remain on campus at Huntington University for the duration of the program.

What about any specialty tech I may need?

Students purchase their own electronics kits (approximately $650) to complete lab courses and have access to required software as well as access to the UND library.

What will my online courses look like?

Just because the electrical engineering faculty are located in another state doesn’t mean you won’t have a local point person. In fact, that’s exactly what you’ll have. All of HU’s electrical engineering students will have access to a local advisor, someone from the area with an engineering background who serves on HU’s engineering advisory board. In addition to offering career guidance and counseling, this advisor is a fantastic resource for internships and on-the-job experiences.

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