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Designing and developing video games might sound like a dream career, but how do you get there? Huntington University is excited to offer a lucrative opportunity to earn your degree in game development while gaining the benefits of a close-knit community and a well-rounded liberal arts education. Whether your passion is pursuing video game programming or the animation and design aspects, you’ll learn the core concepts of building a game that tells a story and brings people together. Your professors will equip you to not only have a promising career path, but to have a voice in secular studios, creative firms, and companies across the world to further the mission of our Creator.

Game Development Tracks

The unique design of HU's game development program combines our strengths in animation and computer science to give you flexibility in the courses you take while completing a core set of credits dedicated to just game development. 

  • Animation Track
  • Computer Science Track
Alexandria Maris
Mathematics Education (2021)

“One of the reasons that I chose Huntington was because right when I walked on campus I knew it was going to be home. The Christian atmosphere was just what I was looking for, along with the class sizes, not to mention that I get to continue my athletic career, too!”


Game Development Curriculum

Studying game development at Huntington University will let you explore several aspects of the hobby you love, from user interface experience within a game to exploring the world of sprite design and motion. You will learn how to build a world using 2D and 3D assets and design essential textures such as characters, landscapes, buildings, and more. Storytelling skills will be put to the test, and your animation or programming skills will develop in order to equip you for a future career in this growing field.

Take Courses Like
  • Intro to Game Theory
  • Graphical User Interface Design
  • Game Engine Integration I: Sprite Design and Motion
  • Game Engine Integration II: Item and Effects
  • Game Development Studio I: Environment Design
  • Game Development Studio II: Gameplay

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