HU Lingo

"SGA is hosting an event with Norm in the DC after EKK!"


Starting this weekend, you'll start to hear words in ways that you might not have heard before. This is because pretty much every college campus has its own lingo and Huntington University is no different. Here's the simple guide to HU's vernacular. 

Alpha Groups

Alpha Groups are small groups created for all new students to help those students transition to life at HU.


Campus Ministry Coordinator is a fellow student living in your suite or wing who provides spiritual leadership to his or her particular living area.

Coffey Break 

The Coffey Break is a weekly newsletter that contains campus happenings, opportunities, etc. Because it is the only consistent means of communication with the entire campus, be sure to subscribe and read through it every weekday. It will be emailed to you after you complete your subscription. Want to subscribe? Enter your first and last name and email in the far right column and click "subscribe" and your done!

Credit Hours

Each class is assigned a certain number of credit hours. Thus, when you add the credit hours from each class, you get the total number of credit hours for the semester. For example, a four credit class typically meets four times a week, a three credit class meets three times a week, etc.


The DC is short for the Dining Commons.


Ekklesia, or Ekk as it is commonly known, is a student led worship service.


The HUB is short for the Huntington Union Building where the BookstoreStudent Life, and a Dining alternative (Norm's Place) are located.


The MCA is short for the Merillat Centre for the Arts. Zurcher Auditorium and the Robert E. Wilson Gallery are found in the MCA. 


The Plex is short for the Merillat Complex for Physical Education and Recreation.

Norm the Forester

Norm is our mascot. He will occasionally show up at athletic events.


A Resident Assistant is a fellow student living in your suite or wing who provides leadership to his or her particular living area. RAs provide guidance to students from a peer perspective.


A Residence Hall Director is a live-in professional staff member who supervises, manages, and directs the residence hall and staff. Huntington University RDs are all college graduates.


The Student Activities Board (SAB) plans events and fun things to do on campus.


Student Government Association (SGA) is a student-run governmental organization that serves as a liaison between students and faculty, staff and administration. They address issues that pertain to the student body and plan events. Members consist of an executive board, residence hall representatives, class representatives, commuter representatives and an international representative. Students are welcome at their weekly Wednesday morning meetings held at 11:00 a.m. in the library conference room.


A syllabus is a collection of information about the course, such as course description, expectations, and objectives, grading system, attendance policy, due dates for assignments, papers, tests, etc. While each professor will have his/her own unique syllabus, YOU are responsible for knowing the information on it.

The Friesen Center

It is The Friesen Center for Volunteer Service. If you are interested in volunteering your time to serve others in need, get involved with the Friesen Center. The office is located in the upper HUB.