Dear Parents & Guardians of New Students,

Move-In Day: This is the day that your young adult has been anticipating for a very long time and maybe you are looking forward to this day as well, or maybe not so much. It is a day of excitement, stress, and tears. 

Please take this time to observe your young adult as they begin to exercise some independence and don’t be offended when they really do not want you to decide how to set up their room. Yes, this does happen with boys as much as with girls. This is also a time for you to contact any of the offices here on campus. There are many parents of college students who work in these offices so encourage your student to not be afraid to seek them out. They are great listeners.

Remember you are leaving your loved one in the hands of very warm and caring individuals. From the president to the professors and staff, they genuinely care for each and every student and want them to succeed as individuals and as caring, compassionate Christ Followers.

Forester Mom, Cindy Kreps

PS: Need a place to stay when you come to see your Foresters? Check out some local lodging options

Parent FAQ

We know that sending your child to college might be a tough transition for you and you might questions and concerns, so here are a few things to keep in mind: 

If you want to send mail to your student, address the envelope/package as follows: 
     [Student's first and last name]
     Drawer # [____] (your student can provide you with their mailbox number)
     Huntington University
     2303 College Avenue
     ​Huntington, IN 46750

Is your student's birthday coming up, are they not feeling well or do they have a major project due and you want to show your support? Send them a Hug from Home

There are many events on campus that you are welcome to attend. Stay tuned to our HU calendar to see what's coming up. 

Places To Eat

If you want to get off campus to try some of the local cuisine, Huntington offers a variety of restaurant options, from your favorite chains to fast food to local legends! 

Local Legends:
Brick House Grill: 20 West Washington
Johnny's: 26 Riverside Drive
Mecates Mexican Restaurant: 105 Frontage Road
Nick's Kitchen: 506 North Jefferson Street
Pizza Junction: 201 Court Street
Rusty Dog Irish Pub: 32 North Jefferson Street
The Berg Ale Haus: 435 Cherry Street

Coffee Shops: 
Cafe of Hope Coffee & Sandwich Shop: 900 East State Street (Inside Life Church)
Starbucks: 227 Hauenstein Road
JJ Java Coffee Shop: 2840 Guilford Street
Party Shop Coffee & Confections: 413 North Jefferson Street

Favorite Chains: 
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar: 346 Hauenstine Road
Arby's: 2702 Guilford Street
Burger King: 1918 North Jefferson Street
Dairy Queen: 1005 Etna Avenue
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches: 2936 Walmart Drive
Kentucky Fried Chicken: 2840 North Jefferson Street
McDonald's: 60 Home Street
Papa John's Pizza: 2084 North Jefferson Street
Pizza Hut: 101 Frontage Road
Subway: 2048 North Jefferson Street;  2800 Walmart Drive;  1260 South Jefferson Street
Taco Bell: 2810 N Jefferson Street
Wendy's: 103 Frontage Road
Wings Etc.: 317 Hauenstein Road