Earn Your MBA and Travel

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Huntington University goes the extra MILE, offering an intrinsic benefit that very few other programs can claim: a one-week international trip built into the cost of tuition. We call it our MILE, or Master's-level International Learning Experience. 

“The international trip provides students with the opportunity to experience business and cultural differences rather than read about them,” said Dr. Brock Zehr, director of the MBA program and assistant professor of business. “While some students are hesitant to leave home and travel abroad with their peers and professor, most state it was a life-changing experience and a highlight of our MBA program.” 

Huntington University’s MBA program prepares students for positions of greater responsibility in their current employment or in a new career opportunity. Curriculum throughout the program focuses on broadening expertise in marketing, management, finance, innovation, organizational effectiveness and business research. 

Whether students take classes online or pursue residential options, courses will encourage practical application through projects, discussion of course material, interactions with faculty and group collaboration. The practical aspects of the MBA program are especially evident in the built-in international trip. 

“During our stay, we tour local businesses and cultural sites to observe similarities and differences,” stated Zehr. “We also work directly with local businesses on mutually beneficial projects such as how the companies could expand to US markets or how US companies could become supply chain partners.” 

Participants in the trip also have the unique chance to fully immerse themselves in the destination culture. Opportunities available through the international trip and the MBA program all go toward meeting HU’s goal to enhance critical thinking, communication, creativity, time management and relational skills in MBA students.  

For further details about the MBA admissions process, tuition and fees and the international travel components of the program, please visit huntington.edu/MBA or contact Nathan Hawkins, director of graduate and adult admissions, at (260) 359-4161 or nhawkins@huntington.edu.