July 21: Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries (6:15)

HU’s Commitment to Spiritual Growth (6:29)

  • The development of your spiritual life is essential to your experience as a member of the HU community
  • Regardless of the adversity that we encounter, our commitment to providing you with high-quality spiritual programs, experiences and trustworthy relationships remains firm.

Delivery and Credits (8:35)

  • The majority of programs and services from the office of Campus Ministries will be offered virtually
    • Chapels, small groups, devotions, CMC programming, and pastoral care appointments will be offered through Zoom or other virtual platforms.
    • The office of Campus Ministries is still committed to providing students with more than enough opportunities to obtain the expected 30 credits in a reasonable amount of time.
      • There will be about 4-5 opportunities per week to receive chapel credit.
  • iAttended App
    • The office of Campus Ministries has switched to a mobile app, iAttended, to track the time spent engaging in online content, provide credit to students, and for instant updates about credit status.
    • To participate in this new method of tracking engagement and credits, students will have to download the app on their mobile device and register with their HU account.
    • During the month of August, Campus Ministries will be emailing students instructions about how to download the app and register before the start of the semester.

Chapel 2.0 (13:57)

  • COVID-19 has presented challenges but it’s also provided opportunities for the university to enhance the chapel experience.
  • The majority of speakers/presenters will be members from the HU community (Huntington, Fort Wayne, and Peoria)
  • CMCs will host virtual chapel watch parties to engage peers in conversation about the chapel message
  • During “special emphasis” weeks, Campus Ministries will host evening “Digging Deeper” Q&As with chapel speakers/presenters.
  • The length of chapels will change to 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes; virtual fatigue is a real thing!
  • Chapels will still feature God-honoring worship and solid biblical preaching and teaching.
  • Links to chapel services will remain active for up to a week after they air for students to engage for credit
  • Praise and Worship times will still be planned. Campus Ministries will be providing outdoor community worship opportunities.


  • Despite face masks, social distancing, and virtual programming, Campus Ministries remains committed to engaging students with trustworthy, Christ-honoring relationships
    • Small Groups will be increased and will be led by faculty and staff as well
    • Pastoral Care appointments will continue
    • CMC Outreach


  • There will still be weekly CMC programming—like floor worships—it will just take a different shape
  • Watch parties for chapels will be hosted by CMCs so you can watch chapel with your floor
  • Small groups will really be encouraged within your floor so that there’s a limited number of large zoom calls

Student Life (28:50)

Values that don’t change (29:50)

  • The commitment to robust student life programming
  • The commitment for the student to experience the Forester Family
  • The commitment to balance your safety and the full collegiate experience.

Arriving to your Residence Hall (34:00)

  • New Student Athletes
    • Arriving on August 13th or 14th
    • Based on schedule and time reserved by your coach
    • Emails sent out on July 21st concerning this information
  • New Students, not athletes
    • August 27th from 9-11, 1-3, or 4-6
    • More information for signing up within these slots will be sent out soon
  • Returning Students
    • August 29th 9-11, 1-3, and 4-6
    • August 30th 12-2 and 3-5
    • Student leaders: see your departmental leadership (CMCs, SGA EB, SAB, and Alpha Mentors)
  • Sign-up Genius will be used to sign up for a time slot to move-in
  • Students are given 2 hours to complete the moving-in process with at most 2 guests (defined as non-students)
  • Please wear a mask coming and going from the residential space
  • Cleaning of high touch areas will be conducted between move-in times
  • Check-in paperwork will be placed in rooms to facilitate ease of the move-in process

Q&A (39:03)

Will Olympiad still be taking place? (39:45)

The plan is to still offer Olympiad, but Student Life and SAB are still evaluating what shape Olympiad will take in order to keep everyone healthy amidst the events.

What are the plans for open dorms? (40:51)

A final decision hasn’t been made yet, but as more decisions regarding residence life are made, the details will be posted on the website.

Will activities like Undignified and the Treblemakers still be happening? (42:05)

It is still to be determined as to whether or not some of these activities will be taking place.

Will there be restrictions to leaving campus? (43:03)

No, there won’t be regulations to leaving campus: if you need to go to Walmart, you can. However, keep in mind the community of others that you’re living in and be smart when you’re off campus: wear a mask, keep your hands clean and sanitized, etc.

If you are from far away but you go home for a family event, will you have to quarantine yourself when you come back to campus? (44:38)

No, right now the guideline is that you have to quarantine yourself when you’re symptomatic, have been exposed to the virus, or if you’ve tested positive for COVID.

Will there be any chapels held in the MCA this semester? (46:22)

There will not be any chapels in Zurcher Auditorium this fall semester. However, there may be outdoor, in-person events in which you can receive chapel credits.

What will eating in the Dining Commons look like this year? (46:58)

There is not a finalized plan yet, but as more information is finalized, it will be posted to the website.

How will chapel and other Campus Ministries events be advertised? (49:23)

You’ll see a lot of the traditional methods—like the Coffey Break and emails—but this year, there will be more posted to social media pages.

What are the requirements for masks in the residence halls? (50:25)

Face coverings are required before entering any common residential area (elevators, lobbies, hallways, lounges, laundry rooms, etc.). Essentially, masks are required any time you step outside of your dorm room. The guidelines have been posted on the website under Reopening Protocols (https://www.huntington.edu/uploads/page/Residential_Student_Reopening_Protocols.pdf).

Some classes will have to be relocated for social distancing. What will that look like for animation/film students who require specific equipment for their classes? (51:43)

DMA labs will have partitions installed to ensure a separation/distance from others while in the classroom setting. Technology Services has also been contacting our software vendors to see if it’s possible for students to access the software from their personal devices. For specific questions regarding the classroom setting, contact Dr. Luke Fetters.

Will student jobs look different this year? (54:00)

There will still be jobs that need to be done, so there will still be a need for student employment. It will be a departmental decision as to whether student employment needs to be increased or decreased. For more specific questions regarding student employment, go to the Huntington University website.

Will the app, iAttended, be able to track floor worships and team devotionals? (57:23)

Yes, the app will track all chapel credit opportunities.

Will we be able to travel to other floors and other residence halls? (1:00:19)

We are asking that students do not travel from residence hall to residence hall. Commuters will not have access to residential areas either. For more information on residential protocols, refer to the Reopening Protocol document on the website. (link above)

Due to COVID-19, will we be discouraged to go to church services that are off-campus. (1:06:57)

No, we still encourage students to seek the ministries our community has to offer—just be aware of the social distancing guidelines and health parameters the church has in place.