BFA in Performing Arts

Why a BFA in Performing Arts?

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Performing Arts uniquely prepares you for a multi-discipline, multi-platform entertainment landscape. The most successful individuals in today’s marketplace tend to move between performance areas of various types (film, television, voiceover, theatre, and more) with ease. Through the BFA in Performing Arts, you will have in-depth training in each of these mediums, with the option of specializing in the areas that interest you the most — all contributing to a well-developed portfolio.

Cross-Training Approach

What sets Huntington University’s BFA in Perfoming Arts degree apart is its cross-training approach. The typical BFA requires you to choose one primary area of focus with little opportunity to gain experience in other areas. HU’s program trains you in three to four distinct areas of performance and gives you experience with a variety of performance mediums so you are comfortable in front of an audience, in front of a camera, and in front of a microphone.

Elias Collier
Theatre, 2023

“I met so many people that are my lifelong friends and I have grown in so many ways. I grew in my education, experience, faith, and personal growth. [My HU experience] opened doors for me to connect with different people, organizations, and opportunities.”

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Students completing the BFA in Performing Arts should be able to:

  • Create convincing, compelling characters performed with vocal, physical, and emotional specificity.
  • Demonstrate broad-based development in the performing arts, including critical thinking skills, advanced-level performance skills, and an individual sense of creativity.
  • Compare different performance forms, aesthetic values, or cultural contexts to expand skill sets and deepen one's understanding of performance possibilities.
  • Formulate constructive critical responses to performance products.

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