Turn the Song in Your Heart into a Career

A world without music would lack the enrichment, emotion, stimulation, and cheer we know and love. Music brightens our darkest days and can stir our affections in a unique way that helps deepen connections, shape our culture, and bring glory to God. Cultivating skillful musicians who can compose wisely and perform well honors God-given talent and stewards the gift of music. 

At Huntington University, our Christian liberal arts setting puts us in a unique place to explore every aspect of music. Get ready to grow in:

  • putting musical theory into practice
  • cultivating creative energy & expression
  • performing in live productions
  • enjoying the intricacies of instruments
  • stewarding your talent to glorify God
  • identifying your music career goals

Music Majors & Minors


You might be a future musician if…

Studying music is like learning a second language, and if the language of music is your passion—performing, conducting, teaching, or creating original works—this program is a good fit for you. 

Huntington University’s music department seeks to develop your God-given talents, training you for Christian service, fostering aesthetic discernment in varying styles of music, and providing opportunities for performing, creating, and serving God. As you work to develop well-rounded music abilities, you will be able to turn technical knowledge into beautiful music that leaves an impact.

There are multiple paths to a music career, from performance to teaching to music management. Your time at HU will help guide you to a future in music. 

Career Opportunities
  • Music teacher
  • Conductor
  • Worship leader
  • Studio manager
  • Production assistant
  • Artist management
  • Composer
  • Music therapist
  • Performer
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Why Choose HU?

Cost of Attendance

Huntington University is dedicated to providing several paths for financial assistance as you invest in your education and future. Each student’s financial aid package is unique and complements our competitive tuition. Online tools are available to help you calculate your investment. 

Christ-Centered Focus

In addition to providing you with a nationally-recognized education, we aim to help you experience the cross-section between faith and education. Discover who God wants you to be alongside a close-knit, Christ-centered community. When you’re at HU, you’re home.

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