Forester Fund


Contributing to the Forester Fund is the most direct way to impact students. More than 90% of our students receive some kind of financial aid. Much of that aid comes in the form of scholarships provided by the Forester Fund. Your generous gifts help make the Huntington University experience an affordable reality for tomorrow’s leaders. 

Since its inception in 1897, Huntington University has demonstrated spiritual vitality, academic excellence and outstanding leadership. Because HU is intentionally Christ centered, your investment in HU students will pay off not only here, but in eternity. 

Please join us as we work together to carry out the mission of Christ in higher education!

Academic Excellence   “I am constantly challenged to reach new levels of understanding and knowledge in my academics by my professors. The difficulty of classes and the investment of the professors allows me to be confident going into graduate school and later on, into my career. I am not only being better prepared for my career in the classroom but also with the opportunities available to participate in internships and volunteering in the community.” – Lucas Lengacher '16
  “At HU, I have not only been challenged academically but spiritually. I have found Christ through chapel, professors, and my fellow Foresters. God is clearly moving through every aspect of our campus…” -Tyson Kalischuk '16
Outstanding Leadership   “As Christians, we are called to be leaders in our communities. Not only do HU professors equip me with tools to become a leader in my future career, but they also serve as role models to give me a practical view of what true Christian leadership looks like.” -Amy Hetrick '16