2002-2003 Indiana Beta Chapter of Alpha Chi

2002-2003 Indiana Beta Chapter Officers


Ms. Erinn Caley

Mr. Josh Garvey 


Ms. Beth Shindle 


Mr. Matt Purdy 


  • Dr. Paul E. Michelson, Department of History 
  • Dr. Ann McPherren, Department of Business and Economics 
  • Mrs. Jean T. Michelson, RichLyn Library

2002-2003 Active Members

  • Erin Abbey 
  • Lily Anderson 
  • Matt Bruce 
  • Chris Buehrer 
  • Erinn Caley 
  • Melissa Cole 
  • Ben Crill 
  • Stephanie Dickerson 
  • Andrea Dunbar 
  • Ben Eggleston 
  • Jeff Fought 
  • Josh Garvey 
  • Victoria Hall 
  • Andrea Heffelfinger 
  • Erika Helm 
  • Jen Herring 
  • Lauren Hines 
  • Amber Hirschy 
  • Anne Jacquay 
  • Kara Kauffman 
  • Sarah Kennedy 
  • Katie Lloyd 
  • Scott Maddock 
  • Joni Michaud 
  • Claire Pontius 
  • Matt Purdy 
  • Libby Rayle 
  • Nathan E. Reusser 
  • Jonathan Ringger 
  • Rachel Rohrs 
  • Rebecca Schmit 
  • Beth Shindle 
  • Kyle Shoemaker 
  • Katie Smith 
  • Amanda Wier 
  • April Wyne 
  • Gretta Yoder

2002-2003 Indiana Beta Chapter Activities

2002 AX Induction Convocation, 11:00 am, September 12, 2002

The induction of 19 new members into Alpha Chi was held on September 12, 2002. The induction Convocation was followed by a luncheon for AX members and parents of the the new inductees hosted by the Alumni Office. 

Alpha Chi and The Huntingtonian

Alpha Chi members again agreed to contribute a regular column to the Huntingtonian. Under the leadership of Rachel Rohrs and Beth Shindle, chapter members contributed a column to every issue of the Huntingtonian this year. Good work! 

Alpha Chi Graduate School Forum, November 6, 2002 

The fall Alpha Chi Graduate School Forum was held on November 6. The focus of the Forum was to talk about applying for graduate school, especially for those planning on attending in the fall of 2003. Martha Smith was our visiting expert and talked about application details, the GRE, fellowship possibilities, and other goodies. 

2003 Scholarship Competitions

Ben Eggleston competed this year for the Region V scholarship at the Washington DC convention. He gave an excellent presentation. Chapter members Matt Bruce and Ben Eggleston were nominated for the national Alpha Chi scholarships. We also have a scholarship and off campus study information page, which includes information on these and other opportunities. 

Lord of the Rings Alpha Chi Forum, February 27, 2003 

Dr. Michelson gave a lecture dealing with the second Lord of the Rings movie and J. R. R. Tolkien's concept of "Asterisk Reality" on February 27 to an audience of more than fifty. 

2003 Alpha Chi National Convention, March 13-15, 2003

The 2003 National Convention of Alpha Chi was held March 13-15 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington DC. Scott Maddock, Andrea Dunbar, and Ben Eggleston, accompanied by Dr. Michelson, attended. A fine time was had by all, especially Andrea, who won a $50 savings bond at a convention drawing. Andrea and Dr. M served as scholarship judges for Region V and Ben was our official voting delegate. Our chapter also presented two workshop sessions at the National Convention entitled "Visibility on Campus through Chapter Traditions." We discussed how creating traditions for local chapter can help establish Alpha Chi's image on campus, ensure campus expectations, and build an audience for activities outside the chapter membership. Dr. M also presided over a session of papers at the convention. The 2004 Regional convention will be at Grace College and 2005's National will be in St. Louis.


Alpha Chi Movie Forum, March 27, 2003 

An Alpha Chi MovieForum was held on March 27 utilizing the film "Roger and Me." A panel of professors and students responded as a panel to the movie to get things going. 

Alpha Chi Graduate School Forum, April 3, 2003

The Spring Alpha Chi Graduate School Forum was held on April 3. The focus of the Forum was on what one ought to do to get the graduate school application process going. Martha Smith again was our visiting expert and talked about application details, Internet resources, and how to plan out the application process. 

President's Spring Alpha Chi Reception, Sunday, April 27, 2003

The local chapter was hosted at a reception by the President of Huntington College, G. Blair Dowden and Mrs. Dowden, on April 27. Seniors who were present were recognized and the Sophomore Honor Awards were presented. 

Sophomore Honor Award 2003
The Sophomore Honor Awards for 2003 were presented at the President's Reception to Jill A. Clements, Brandon G. Curtis, Ryan Darr, Keith N. Elliott, Rebecca K. Laumbattus, Jodie Maller, Sarah Rowe, and Rachel Tinon. Congratulations!

Forester Night, Tuesday, May 7, 2003

The Outstanding Scholar Award for 2003 was presented to Ms. Katie Smith at Forester Night. Graduating seniors received their medallions and certificates. A number of AX members cleaned up in the awards department, as usual.