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Members and Officers

2016–2017 Student Officers

Mr. Michael Bowman 

Ms. Sarah Gruenewald

Ms. Nicole Manges

Ms. Kaylie Killian

Publicity Director 
Ms. Gina Eisenhut

Faculty Sponsors

Sponsor Dr. Tanner Babb serves as Manuscript Editor for Aletheia, the Alpha Chi journal of undergraduate scholarship, and sponsor Dr. Ruth Nalliah serves as Vice President of Region V. Longtime sponsor Dr. Paul Michelson served on the Alpha Chi National Council for 15 years as the Secretary-Treasurer of Region V.

Ruth Nalliah
Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair
Tanner Babb
Associate Professor of Psychology and Associate Academic Dean
Collin Hobbs
Assistant Professor of Biology
Todd Martin
Professor of English and English Department Chair
Ann McPherren
Professor of Business and Economics | Assistant to the President for Program Development
Paul Michelson
Distinguished Professor of History