Internship FAQ

Where Do I Find Internship Opportunities?
  • Browse a list of opportunities below. 
  • Check with your academic advisor for opportunities.
  • Every student has access to listings of internships through their Moodle account. Students can self-enroll to view current listings of internships available.
  • Go to and search “Internship” in your major and location you want to work.
  • Visit our partner, Ascend Indiana for more opportunities available across the state of Indiana for internships and post-graduate employment.
What if an employer has agreed to do an internship, job shadow, practicum, or capstone experience?
  • After an employer has agreed to hire you, ask them for a job description or list of responsibilities.
  • Schedule a meeting with your advising professor to review the academic goals and learning objectives on the contract.
  • Complete the Experiential Learning Contract
  • Once the contract is approved you can register for the internship course and start working.
What if I need help finding an internship, practicum or job shadowing site?
Can international students do a work experience?
  • Yes! International students are allowed to engage in employment through cooperative education and internships through the HU Friesen Center.
  • Student must have completed at least one full academic year as an F-1 student in the United States to work off-campus (graduate programs requiring internships may be exempt).
  • Students must contact the DSO, Sarah Rickerd, in the Student Life Offices, and complete additional steps to maintain F-1 Visa status.  
What additional steps must international students take before engaging in employment?
  • International students must complete a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) form and Experiential Learning Contract 
  • You must have already found a job before you can apply for CPT. You may engage in CPT only for the specific employer, location, and time period approved and recorded by the DSO in SEVIS. Each internship must be related to student's major and receive class credit for it. The Friesen Center can help locate internships, which can be either paid or unpaid.
  • The CPT position must be completed while you are enrolled as a full-time student in a degree-seeking program. You may get permission to register for fewer hours during your graduating semester.
  • The CPT position must be a required or optional part of the established curriculum for your major, as listed in the course catalog as an internship, practicum, work experience, or Friesen Center opportunity and you must be registered for the course(s) throughout your CPT.
  • There is no time limit, though one year of full-time CPT will replace your eligibility for OPT. Any amount of part-time CPT will have no effect on your eligibility for OPT. CPT is approved in the student life office by the DSO.

Mock Interviews

As we prepare students for internships and careers, mock interviews are staged for students to gain experience and hone their skills. Here our own HR Director, Andy McKee is interviewing Quinn Cormier, a DMA student, majoring in Animation. To learn more about mock interviews, contact us today!

Abby Timmer
SON-Life Camp & Retreat Center

"This internship was life-changing. Getting to be with the campers all summer and learning more about them, encouraging them, being a light in their lives, and helping them grow in their faith are all things I will never forget."

Catherine Croteau
Summer 2023 Internship on set with The Chosen

"This internship highlighted my strengths because it helped me recognize how adaptable I can be. I discovered myself to be a quick learner in some cases, as well as being someone who is great with networking and getting to know others in person. I was told I brought such a light to set."

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