Attaboy to headline 4H Fair concert

Attaboy Concert PosterHUNTINGTON, Ind. Christian recording artists Attaboy are coming to the Huntington County 4H Fair on July 22.

Come out for a free concert at 7:45 p.m. at Hiers Park and hear Huntington University's own Attaboy in concert with Jared Mahone.

The event is sponsored by Huntington University and United REMC.

Attaboy is the little indie band that could. Five years of hard work have reaped more than 700 performances, three CD releases and two successful radio campaigns, all without the help of a major label. Their song "Wait On You" spent nine weeks on Billboard's Christian CHR Top 30 chart, followed by their single "Unshaken," which spent 13 weeks on the Top 30. And the momentum is certainly building. With more national tours on the horizon and a brand new album scheduled to release in 2012, the group shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. But amid the adrenaline and anticipation, Attaboy remains fiercely grounded to their purpose. According to guitarist and HU alum Jeff Edgel, "the new album and opportunities are definitely exciting, but we consider it nothing short of a miracle that we get to play music, interact with people, and worship God for a living. It's a humbling privilege."

Jared Mahone is known as the "a groove-driven, blue-eyed soul machine with gospel/folk/blues/rock undertones" (Brian Baker of The strong, soulful, and sincere vocals are enough to set Jared apart; the one-of-a-kind vocal beatbox showcases make the show extraordinary. Add to that the electrifying grooves, beats, and breaks offered by an intense rhythm section, and the band is equipped to restore the rhythm and pulse into the heart of any crowd, making rock and roll something we can once again dance to. But ultimately, it's a message of hope that they intend to live and share on and off the stage.