Transfer Registration

New Student Registration  

Contact us for Registration Assistance:
Phone (260) 359-4011
Fax (260) 359-4086 

STEP 1: Verify your information 
Check the major shown for you on the instructions for registration that we emailed to you. If it is not correct, contact the Registrar's Office before completing any additional steps. 

If your mailing address, email address or telephone number have changed recently, please email the new information to us so that we can update it.  

STEP 2: Begin Selecting Classes
Look over the Schedule of Classes and the list of recommended courses sent to you in the emailed instructions for registration. You could print the schedule if it is more convenient for you to look at.  

Make a list of the courses you would like to take for this semester. Any special placements or unique suggestions have been noted in the email. You may also want to take a look at the Guide to Typical Programs for your major to assist you in making plans. Most questions regarding program or course requirements can be answered by looking in the College Catalog, or simply by contacting the Registrar's Office. 

STEP 3: Begin Course Request Form
Open the Course Request Form, You will be able to request your classes after you log on to the page. If you do not know your network user name, you may click on the Network User Name link in the left hand column to request the information. If you have not changed it, your password will be the last five digits of your social security number.  

If it is more convenient, you may choose to first print the course request form and fill in your classes by hand before filling in the courses online and submitting electronically. Make sure to keep this separate window open until you have submitted your form. Be sure to specify the section and meeting time you prefer if there is more than one section of a class and to click on the Submit button when you are finished.  

STEP 4: Double-Check Your Schedule
After you have made some preliminary decisions about your registration, you may want to call us and talk with an advisor at (260) 359-4011. We can help you finalize your selections and answer any questions. Also, you should check the Closed Class List to insure that your selected courses are not already full. 

Before you return your forms to us, you should complete the Schedule Planning Card for your records. Completing the card will help you to check to be sure that your have not registered for classes that meet at conflicting times. You will want to keep the card so that your have a record of your fall schedule. 

STEP 5: Submit Your Course Request Form
After you have completed these steps, submit your Course Request Form by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the form. (You only need to click submit one time - it really does reach us!) If any course sections you have requested have full enrollments, we will register you for an alternate section of the same course or for any alternate course you list on the lower part of your Course Request Form. If no alternate sections or courses are available, we will contact you to help you choose another course. 

 After we have entered your registration on our computer system, we will send a printout to you showing your semester schedule.