BFA in Performing Arts
Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Performing Arts uniquely prepares you for a multi-discipline, multi-platform entertainment landscape. The most successful individuals in today’s marketplace tend to move between performance areas of various types (film, television, voiceover, theatre, and more) with ease. Through the BFA in Performing Arts, you will have in-depth training in each of these mediums, with the option of specializing in the areas that interest you the most — all contributing to a well-developed portfolio.

The Department of Theatre Arts seeks to develop effective and creative communicators in order to challenge others to thoughtful examination of ideas, cultures, and values. Through both traditional classroom instruction and performance and production experience, students will enhance their skills of observation, analysis, development, and performance in order to better prepare them for their careers and lives.

Theatre Performance
At Huntington, you will gain experience in the full range of theatre arts including stage craft (scenic design, lighting, costuming), acting, and directing.

Theatre Technology
As a theatre student at Huntington University, you will combine classroom study, studio work, and production experience to gain a balanced education. Your typical season will include mainstage and studio productions, children’s shows, musicals, workshops, and student-directed one-acts.

Production Technology Minor
Get ready to set the stage through thoughtful production techniques and collaborative design. Technical training in stage lighting, sound design, stage construction, and more, you will learn in an immersive environment and have the opportunity to bring a performance to life by creating the atmosphere of the story. With a minor in Production Technology, your experiential education will bring attention to the behind-the-scenes work necessary to make a production successful.

Theatre Arts Minor
If you connect with the stories of others and desire to help tell them through performance and production, a Theatre Arts minor at HU can help you hone that craft. The faculty and staff leading the Theatre department are dedicated to helping you learn through a Christ-centered lens in order to grow into an effective and creative communicator. Your time in the Theatre Arts will help you examine ideas, cultures, and values in a thoughtful way, while experiencing the performance aspects you love.