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Ever wonder where your gift can go?

Capital Projects

Please contact us to discuss ongoing capital projects or future project possibilities.

Endowed Faculty Chairs

Competitive faculty positions through endowments help us attract and retain world-class scholars. 

  • Endow a new faculty chair in the area of your choice with a $1.5 million investment
  • The income from the endowed fund provides salary and benefits for a faculty member

Endowed Scholarships

Your gift of any amount will increase an existing endowed scholarship, or establish a new endowed scholarship and set the scholarship’s awarding criteria with a gift of $25,000 or more.

  • We invest your gift
  • A portion of the interest the investment earns provides yearly scholarships for students
  • We add the remainder of the interest to the current principal, growing the investment and next year’s award amount

Forester Fund

Huntington University’s general scholarship fund. Your gift at any amount will directly benefit a student’s college experience.

HU Foundation

Provide scholarships specifically for Huntington County residents attending Huntington University by contributing to the HU Foundation Grant.

Specific Programs/Programming

Provide valuable resources for the benefit of a department, program, or initiative that is close to your heart.

  • Establish or contribute to a lecture series
  • Empower students to take extended missions trips
  • Provide research equipment for laboratories

More potential giving options are available. Please contact the Office of Advancement at (260) 356-6000 to discuss giving opportunities.

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