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Forester Fund

Each year Huntington University awards approximately $10,000,000 in aid through the different programs reflected on this page. These funds are provided, in part, by the generosity of alumni and friends who give to the Forester Fund. Thank you to those who make these awards possible for current and future Foresters.

Apply before November 1 and be included in the FIRST ROUND of financial aid offers! 

Academic Awards



Transfer Academic Awards

Transfer Academic Awards are eligible to students who will have at least 12 earned credit hours and at least one semester removed from high school. Transfer students are not eligible for Freshman Academic Awards or the Horizon Leadership Program Grant. 

Transfer Distinction Scholarship: $10,000 annually

Requires a 3.5+ cumulative college GPA. 

Transfer Honors Scholarship: $8,000 annually

Requires a 2.8–3.49 cumulative college GPA. 

Transfer Scholarship: $5,000 annually

Requires a 2.0–2.79 cumulative college GPA. 

Other Grants, Scholarships, and Awards

HU Grant:  Amount varies annually based on FAFSA information and financial need.

Student must file a FAFSA to be eligible annually.

Alumni Grant: $1,500

Student must be a dependent of a Huntington University/Huntington College graduate. 

UB Grant: $4,000 annually

Students must regularly attend and be involved with the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. 

Church Service Grant: $1,000

Student must be a dependent of a full-time minister or missionary.

Matching Church Grant: Up to $1,000 annually

HU will match up to $1000 of the amount given by a student's church. The deadline for this grant is August 1 of each year. The Matching Church Grant is awarded to students whose local church contributes directly to the Huntington University scholarship fund. Please ask your church to fill out the Matching Church Grant Form by August 1 if they wish to support you while you attend HU.  

Performance Awards: Amount varies

All Performance Awards can be found on the Department and Performance Awards page. Grant awarded based on faculty recommendation.

Athletic Scholarships: Amount varies

Scholarship awarded based on athletic department recommendation.

Horizon Leadership Program: Amount varies

Please visit the Horizon Leadership Scholarship page for scholarship details. 

International Grant: $1,000 – $5,000

Student must be admitted to Huntington University and demonstrate need using this form.

United Brethren International Student Christian Leadership Scholarship: Full Tuition

International students who would like to apply for this scholarship should complete and submit the scholarship application form by March 1st.