3-2 Athletic Training

Athletic trainers play a significant role in the health care of athletes. Through a broad preparation in both academic and practical experience, these trainers provide sports team with services and education for injury prevention, evaluation of athletic trauma, immediate care, and rehabilitation. Huntington’s innovative 3-2 Athletic Training Program will prepare you with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree while helping you to graduate in less time with less debt.

There is a large and growing demand for athletic training experts in the workforce. In coming years, professionals without a master’s degree will be underprepared to meet the realities of the industry. Our partnership with Manchester University will ensure that you are ready and equipped to enter the workforce.

Degree Opportunities

Typically, it takes athletic trainers six years to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree, but through our unique partnership with Manchester, you will achieve your goal in only five. You’ll start your career a year earlier, decreasing college expense and increasing your earning potential.

Three years of study at Huntington will be followed by two years at Manchester. You will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in pre-athletic training from Huntington and a Master of Athletic Training degree from Manchester.


To enter the program, you will need to apply before a board of HU and Manchester faculty members after three semesters. Upon approval, you will receive admission to Huntington’s program and Manchester’s program.