Money For Your Photos

Your photography will become the means by which we tell the Huntington University story!

Thanks to technology everyone has the opportunity to be a photographer/vidoegrapher. If you’ve ever wanted to have your work be seen, here’s your chance. Submit your photo(s) to Huntington University’s Marketing Team and see how far your work can go! And the best part? The HU Marketing Team will pay you!

We are looking for photos and short videos of campus, of class, during class, after class, with friends, with strangers, in res halls, in labs, at student events, after student events, etc.

Simply fill out this short form and upload your photos and/or videos. For every one of your submissions that the HU Marketing Team chooses to use, you’ll receive $20. But wait, there’s more! At the end of the semester, the HU Marketing Team will select their favorite submission and the photographer/videographer will receive $200!

There are only a few simple criteria:

  • Submitted photos/videos must be taken on HU property and/or of HU students.
  • The person who submits a photo/video must be the person who took it.  

Other than that, the sky is the limit!

Huntington University Is a Happenin' Place

Show us your corner of the awesome.

Submit Your Photos!