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Expand Your Degree Options

The Institute for TESOL Studies offers programs to help students expand their minds and their career options. A wide variety of professionals and students of various majors find relevancy in having TESOL/EL training. Individuals working in educationmissionsministry, social workinternational business, and numerous other fields benefit from earning their TESOL Certificate or state certification in teaching ELs (English Learners). As a result, ITS courses are typically evening classes that take place once a week, making it possible for traditional undergraduate students, as well as working adults, to earn their certification.

For public school educators or students majoring in education, ITS offers state certification in teaching ELs. This is the nomenclature used by the state of Indiana for ELs enrolled in public education. The certification in teaching ELs, approved by Indiana’s Department of Education, is an excellent complement to a professional teacher’s licensure.

What is TESOL?

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and is the general nomenclature used in this field. More specifically, the TESOL Certificate equips students and professionals for overseas English teaching, community-based English instruction in the U.S., and church and non-profit outreach to refugees, immigrants, and U.S.-born ELs. In short, the TESOL Certificate is for anyone who is not a licensed public school educator in the U.S., but who works with English language learners overseas or in a native-English speaking country.

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