I am interested in…business.

Nicole Manges
“I am interested in…” series. Exploring ways you can translate your interests into college majors.

In this “I am interested in…” series, we are exploring ways you can translate your interests into college majors. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, colleges and universities in the United States awarded more than 2 million bachelor’s degrees in the 2019-2020 academic year. Of those, 19% were business degrees — that’s a whopping 387,851 degrees in total. Graduates received more business degrees that year than they did any other kind of bachelor’s degree.  

If you are interested in business, you are in good company!  

Business degrees are popular in part because they meet critical needs in communities of all kinds and sizes. From small businesses boosting local economies to conglomerates operating on a global scale, business involves real people making real decisions with real impact.  

The reality is that the world needs strong businesspeople who are rooted in Christ and solid business training. Once you have determined that you are interested in being one of those people, think about what you are naturally good at doing. What business majors could align with your current skills? How can you use those gifts to make an impact in your future career?   

Understanding what kind of impact you want to make and the goals you want to achieve can help you determine which business major is right for you. To get you started, here are three business-related skills, along with majors Huntington University offers that work well with each skill.  

Skill 1: You can see the big picture.  

All businesses need people who can take a step back and see how all the parts of a business are working together. They also need people who can identify problems, propose meaningful solutions, and strategize where a business needs to go next. Big-picture thinking keeps businesses on track and helps them achieve and maintain success. 

If you are someone who has a knack for seeing the big picture, consider pursuing a business major that will teach you to understand the overall well-being of a business, see the story in numbers and data, and lead people.  

HU majors to consider: Accounting, economics and finance, management 

Skill 2: You can make things happen.  

Taking a dream or concept and turning it into a reality takes work and forward thinking. Businesses need people who have creativity and the ability to get things done and “get people in the door.” They need people who can get a new business off the ground and implement strategies to take the business to the next level of growth. 

If you are someone who enjoys dreaming big dreams and seeing them through to reality, consider pursuing a business major that gives you the practical tools to reach your target market and launch business initiatives.   

HU majors to consider: Entrepreneurial small business management, marketing 

Skill 3: You can apply business skills to other interests.  

Good business practice is essential to the success of any industry. People who understand how to apply sound business principles to industry-specific market needs, audiences, and goods/services can make significant impact in their industries.  

If you are someone who has a niche interest in an industry such as agriculture, music, or athletics, consider pursuing a business major that combines your interest with business training. You’ll learn and enjoy exploring your interest at the same time!     

HU majors to consider: Agribusiness, music business, sport management 

When you are narrowing down your options for a business major, remember that double-majoring is also a possibility. You do not have to limit yourself to one path — in fact, a combination of multiple majors is often an asset in business.  

Also remember that you do not have to stick with your first major for your entire college career. As you begin taking classes, pay attention to the courses and topics you like the most, then make adjustments to your major as necessary to find the path that works best for you.  

Written by
Nicole Manges