Strong Business Principles

Since 1997, the business department at Huntington University has grown by 37 percent while the economics track within the business program has seen a 300 percent increase. Our business program attempts to instill in its students a Christian foundation for making business decisions. Students who have enrolled in the program have focused their energies on how both textbook and real world experiences apply in the business world.

“Our program helps students apply theories and concepts they’ve learned in class to practical, real-world problems.  Our goal is not just to train business people, but to educate the heart and mind – to grow young people into effective stewards.”  - economics professor Dr. Ann McPherren

'Salt and Light' in Your Profession

Girded by faith, equipped with up-to-the-minute skills and technology, and confident in their calling, Huntington economics and finance graduates effectively serve as “salt and light” within their chosen profession. As an economics and finance major, you will be prepared to enter the professions of financial services, banking, insurance, risk management, real estate, and more.

You will gain both textbook knowledge and hands-on experience in the program. Moreover, we will come along side you as you develop a Christian foundation for making business decisions. You will become a better consumer while emphasizing the importance of financial and resource stewardship. Issues related to wealth, financial achievement, and faith will be central to your study.

Real-World Experiences

Through Huntington’s Executive-in-Residence Program and Visiting Executive Seminars, you will have opportunities to wrestle with contemporary business issues alongside fellow students, faculty, and regional business leaders. As a business major, you may choose from a wide variety of internships. Huntington University’s Enterprise Resource Center will help you land internship experiences that will benefit both you and the company for which you will work.