Communication is about creating mutual understanding between institutions and groups of people. There is no faster growing sector of the communication field than public relations. The student who learns the skills and theory of public relations communication and does so from a solid ethical perspective will be highly valued by any business or organization.

Skilled Public Relations Professional

The skills obtained in this major are identified by the the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

  1. anticipate, analyze and interpret public opinion about issues
  2. counsel management about crucial decisions
  3. research and evaluate programs of action for the organization
  4. plan and implement organizational efforts to influence or change policy
  5. manage the resources for public relations efforts
  6. develop skills in writing, visual and oral communication to better serve the public and the organization

Our public relations major is an exciting interdisciplinary effort that combines the theory and practice of business and various aspects of the communication arena, all with the objective of training talented, conscientious, and skillful organizational communication experts.

Real Experience, Real Results

Public relations students gain experiences through an on-campus practicum where they write news releases and stories and manage social media accounts. Students also can also obtain experience through off-campus internships. Because public relations practitioners deal daily with the media, students learn to understand the world of print journalism by being a part of it. They can apply to serve in many areas of the Huntingtonian, the campus newspaper, including editorial staff, layout, design, advertising, sports, and news reporting.

Take a look at this "checksheet" of courses you would take to graduate with a degree in public relations at Huntington University. Click on the latest year and scroll down to "Public Relations."