Are you cut out to be a journalist? We are looking for students with the following traits:

A persistent curiosity — the drive to understand what makes things happen and why people do what they do. Here the curiosity of a child to look behind doors and to question the obvious is a strength.

A critical sensibility — the ability to sense when not to take things on face value. Good models of this are the Washington Post's investigation of Watergate and the prophet Nathan in the Old Testament who confronts King David about his personal/political action of having his top commander killed so that he could have the commander's wife (Bathsheba).

A compassionate attitude — the pattern of choosing to see the world as a surgeon sees a patient, only here the pen or the keyboard or the podcast digital recorder, rather than the scalpel, is the tool used to root out social cancers, to convey hope, to build trust, to bring healing, and to celebrate life.

Skilled Wordsmiths, Powerful Journalists

Major in journalism at Huntington University and you will learn to hone phrases, interview experts, report facts, write for web and print media, master Associated Press style points, and craft hard news and feature stories. You will be prepped and ready for the shifting world of convergent journalism and blogging. But most importantly, you will learn these skills with a larger view to how the stories journalists report fit into the broader institutional processes of production and dissemination. You will study how the values of the surrounding society lead to the inclusion or exclusion of story topics. And you will explore how journalists can use their wordcraft to do justice and practice mercy.

By the time you graduate, you will have a solid base in journalism experience--evidenced by those all-important "clippings" of published and posted articles and podcasts that employers want to see when hiring an editor or writer. You will also have been coached by instructors who have real-world experience in the field, such as Rebecca Green, a metro reporter for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, and Dr. Kevin Miller, a features editor and writer for Christianity Today magazine before coming to Huntington University.

On-Campus Experience

Journalism students published their work in a variety of venues. One is The Huntingtonian campus newspaper, where you can serve as an editor or reporter for sports, entertainment, and news. Over the years, The Huntingtonian was awarded First Place with Special Merit and First Place by the American Scholastic Press Association. It also has won awards for top design and news and feature stories. Journalism majors undertake summer and semester-long internships with newspapers and online news media companies. 

Take a look at this "checklist" of courses you would take to graduate with a degree in journalism. Click on the latest year and scroll down to "Journalism."