Digital Media Arts Performance Awards are given to incoming Huntington University students who declare either a Bachelor of Science degree in Animation, Film Production, Broadcast Media or a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies. It is based primarily on a portfolio review, but also considers the student’s personal and career goals. Recipients of the grant will be expected to maintain a high level of performance in their growth as media artists. They also will be expected to contribute positively to the overall environment of the digital media arts program, as well as serve at specific events for cultural impact on campus. If a student’s performance or effort wanes, faculty reserves the right to revise or withdraw that student’s Digital Media Arts Performance Award. The award may be given back if the student shows that they have taken necessary steps to deserve it. Otherwise, the award amount renews each year.

The deadline for the Digital Media Arts Performance Award is February 1. Applications submitted at a later date may still be considered, but funds are not guaranteed. The Performance Award Application is not complete until a portfolio of work is also provided. 

Portfolio Submission Information

We suggest submitting your portfolio as a video which combines all of the pieces you want us to see. Be sure to include a weblink (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) at the end of this application. Include any still images in your portfolio video. If you direct us to a personal website or portfolio instead, we suggest that you select the specific work you want us to see, and don’t just send us to an archive of everything you’ve ever done. Do not send us any physical artwork; we do not want to be responsible for sending it back. If you have written documents to share, email them to and specify that they are to be part of your portfolio submission. 

Please succinctly choose 12-15 images and 5 or fewer videos. Pick your best work, focusing on showing your skill and range of experience. Video submissions should not exceed 5 minutes, so if films are longer please only include a sample. A demo reel of your work is highly encouraged. Portfolio submissions that fail to follow these guidelines may not be received as favorably. 

If you have any questions about the Performance Award application process, please email us at or call (260) 359-4325.