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Huntington University's Digital Media Arts Department is the heartbeat of film, animation, and broadcasting in the Midwest. Located in a state-of-art facility in northeast Indiana and utilizing top-of-the-line equipment, Huntington's program trains students to tell stories which reflect the human experience, from an honest and engaging perspective. Through a studio environment, students work closely under the mentorship of award-winning faculty, learn industry standard equipment, and explore both the craft and art of their chosen field. 

The department’s goal is to continually challenge students to examine their art, faith, work, and personal life so that such refinement will gain them adaptive skills that will last a lifetime. Alumni from the department have started their own successful studios, work in the Hollywood industry, and impacted countless audiences with their stories.  

2017 student works in Animation, Broadcasting, and Film

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2016 student works in Animation, Broadcasting, and Film

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The High School Digital Media Arts Festival

The Huntington University Digital Media Arts Department will be hosting its first annual showcase of high school student work. Set the scene, warm up the lights, and show us what you can do.

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There’s no better way to get a sense of what the DMA department is like than to view our student’s work! Through the DMA YouTube page we’re constantly updating our videos to reflect what are students are doing and all majors are categorized for easy access.

Huntington DMA YouTube

DMA Days

DMA Days Episode 26

DMA Days Episode 25

DMA Days Episode 24

Digital Media Arts Performance Award

If you plan to pursue a degree in Animation, Film Production, Broadcast Media or Film Studies, apply for a Digital Media Arts Performance Award!

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