May 11

DMA Forester Film Festival


From motion graphics to video game design, animation is at the forefront of our visual culture. As a student of animation you will be immersed in this expanding art form, while also gaining knowledge and experience with the traditional roots of the art form. You will be taught the skills needed to not merely survive in this culture, but to make an impact and thrive.

Expert Instruction, Christian Foundation

As an animation major, you will study with faculty members who have worked in the industry on such projects as “Star Wars” and "VeggieTales." Through their experiences, you will gain a grounded base for a career in the digital media industry.

The Skills to Succeed

The focus of the animation department is on image, motion, and character. As the technology continues to change, these principles hold true and provide a solid foundation for our students to build on for the rest of their careers. Understanding root skills will propel them ahead no matter how the technology evolves. 

From the very start, you will be given the opportunity for hands-on exploration in a variety animated media. You will learn both traditional forms of animation, from stopmotion to hand drawn, to the most complex 3D computer technology. Our students have open access to state-of-the-art studios and labs equipped with some of the most current technology and software available.

Grant Information

If you're interested in studying DMA and animation, consider applying for the DMA Animation Grant!

Watch Our Films!

The Digital Media Department has a vast library of student animation that you can check out right now! Take a look!