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On the big screen and beyond, animators are impacting visual culture in the world around them. Their work appears on the internet, in commercials, movies, video games, streaming media, moving picture books and more. A skilled and well-trained animator can find a niche in just about any market he or she chooses.

At Huntington University, our focus in the animation department is on image, motion, character, and story. Our professors are experienced animation professionals who have worked on acclaimed projects of their own. They know how to train up-and-coming animators in fundamentals and the latest techniques. 

As animation technology continues to change, crafting a well-written and well-animated story remains paramount. With an understanding of animation skills, you will be able to move ahead no matter how technology evolves. Let us provide you with a solid foundation to build on for the rest of your career.

Student Animations

3D Product Modeling

Space Pug

Akemi and Tarou

Candy Vale

Alex Kane - 3D Portfolio

Dead Things

Captain Butterfish

Racial Identity - PSA

State-of-the-art technology and training.

Animation students at Huntington University have access to all the essential tools of the trade. The Martin Center for Digital Media Arts is fully equipped with computer, traditional, and stop motion labs, a green screen, editing labs, a sound stage, a Foley pit, and a screening theater. You will work with professional workstations, VR equipment, 3D printing technology, and industry standard software.

From the start of your very first semester, you will have opportunity for hands-on exploration in a variety of animated media. You will learn 2D hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, motion graphics, the most complex 3D computer technology, and everything in between. Our students have open access to state-of-the-art studios and labs equipped with some of the most current equipment and software available.

The Digital Media Arts High School Summer Academy

Stay on campus for the week, taking classes and working on projects during the day, with social time and field trips in the evenings.

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Experiences that start now and last a lifetime. 

As an animation student, you will immerse yourself in this amazing art form from day one. You will learn the skills you need not just to survive in the art world but also to make an impact. Most importantly, Huntington University’s experienced Christian faculty will nurture, challenge, and encourage you so that you develop your unique gifts and discover the artistic voice God has given you.

Along the way, you will have plenty of opportunities to share your work with others. You will have the chance to showcase your film in festivals and work on projects for businesses and nonprofits around the world. Travel the country and even the world on a variety of animation-related trips over J-term and Spring Break. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Grant Information

If you're interested in studying DMA and animation, consider applying for the DMA Animation Grant.

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