Programs in Film, Animation, and Television Production

Animation Degree (BS)
On the big screen and beyond, animators are impacting visual culture in the world around them. Their work appears on the internet, in commercials, movies, video games, streaming media, moving picture books, and more. A skilled and well-trained animator can find a niche in just about any market they choose.

Television Production Degree (BS)
In Broadcast-Fusion Media, students look at both traditional careers in radio and TV while also experimenting with its evolution in this ever-changing digital landscape, which includes experience in corporate work, event/sports videography, church media and documentary video. All this takes place inside the Forester Digital Network.

Film Production Degree (BS)
You don't have to wait until your 5th semester of college to touch professional gear in our Film program at Huntington University. You will receive a foundation of storytelling and digital filmmaking techniques that will in turn enable you to produce and direct both live-action and documentary films that reflect faith and speak truth to the culture at large.

Film Studies Degree (BA)
Huntington University's Film Studies Program is offered at our HUAZ center.