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Loans and Work

Alternative Loans: Up to Total Cost of Education

Non need-based loan that can be borrowed by the student with a credit worthy co-signer. See the Office of Financial Aid for more information. 

Federal Direct Loan - Subsidized: $200-$5,500

Need based federal loan. Eligibility determined by FAFSA. Amount determined by grade classification and financial need.

Federal Direct Loan - Unsubsidized: Up to $7,500

Non need-based federal loan. Eligibility determined by FAFSA. Amount determined by grade classification.

Federal Parent PLUS: Up to Total Cost of Education

Non need-based federal loan. Eligibility determined by FAFSA and credit application. Amount determined by total cost of attendance at HU. This loan is in a parent’s name. Independent students are not eligible to receive this loan.

Federal Work Study: Up to $2,000

Federal need based work program awarded to Pell eligible students. This is an estimate of the funds you could earn through on-campus student employment. Jobs are available in various departments and are listed on the portal page under the ‘Students” heading. A student with work study eligibility is not required to work on campus. If a student decides to work on campus all funds earned will be available to use for personal expenses or school related expenses at the discretion of the student. Funds earned through the work study program can be listed as “need based employment” on the following year’s FAFSA which will prevent the earned funds from increasing the student contribution portion of the Expected Family Contribution. Students who do not qualify for Federal Work Study may still apply for a position on campus and earn funds, but will not be able to list earned funds as “need based employment” on the following year’s FAFSA.

Keep in mind that there are lifetime aggregate limits to the amount of Subsidized and Unsubsidized loan funds a student may borrow. To view these limits and answers to other frequently asked questions, visit the Department of Educations website.  

Alternative Loan Options

Huntington University strongly encourages you to exhaust all federal grant and loan options prior to applying for Alternative (Private) Student Loans. All alternative loans require credit worthiness.  It is extremely difficult for most students to qualify for an alternative loan without a credit worthy cosigner. This is due to increased default rates in the private student loan industry. Although HU will process loans from any lender you choose, we have provided links to a list of lenders our students have found to demonstrate excellent customer service and ease in process. These lenders offer loan products representative of the best interest rates, lowest fees, and best repayment terms and conditions in the private loan industry. Visit INvestEd Marketplace to view these products and start the alternative loan process. INvestEd Marketplace allows you to instantly compare upfront accurate rates and terms form both local and national lenders complete with detailed listings of APR’s, interest rates, total cost, monthly payments, borrower benefits, fees and repayment options.