If you want to make a difference in the future, study the past. Approach your education with this mindset and your career has the potential to be meteoric. By learning both content and process, students are encouraged to become problem solvers.

Political Science
In a world where politics are becoming more obvious and complex, it's important for students to understand both content and process. With a foundation of a liberal arts educations, political science students have a well-rounded collegiate experience, culminating in an understanding of the process of political science, as well as the nuance behind the process.

Huntington University’s pre-law program prepares students for success in the law school admissions process and for the legal profession beyond law school. And the best part, Huntington University has a 100% acceptance rate for students applying to law school.

History Education
As a history education major, you will receive rigorous training in history while gaining comprehensive experience in a series a courses, field experiences, and classroom experience throughout your time at Huntington University.

International & Development Studies
Huntington University’s international & development studies major aims to produce responsible and ethical scholars and practitioners who can impact communities for Christ at the local or global levels. Students in this program will develop critical analysis and problem solving skills, as well as a cultural awareness, which will equip them for work in non-governmental organizations, peace studies programs, educational settings and post-graduate studies. This interdisciplinary major brings together studies in history, political science, communication, agriculture, ministry, language, sociology, and psychology in order to build a solid foundation for students interested in the relationship between economic development, government, natural resources, and transnational crises.

Refugee Studies
This multidisciplinary minor combines courses in political science, development studies, international relations, human geography, peace studies, and sociology to form a wide knowledge base. The foundation provides enhanced opportunities for students who have an interest in humanitarian and societal issues.

Museum Studies
Museum studies offers students the opportunity to study a unique blend of history and art courses so they are well prepared to enter the museum field.