International & Development Studies

Huntington University’s international & development studies major aims to produce responsible and ethical scholars and practitioners who can impact communities for Christ at the local or global levels. Students in this program will develop critical analysis and problem solving skills, as well as a cultural awareness, which will equip them for work in non-governmental organizations, peace studies programs, educational settings and post-graduate studies.

What will I study?

This interdisciplinary major brings together studies in history, political science, communication, agriculture, ministry, language, sociology, and psychology in order to build a solid foundation for students interested in the relationship between economic development, government, natural resources, and transnational crises.

The HU Difference

Historically, academia has been content to simply study questions of the Christian role in globalization, transnational conflicts and social unrest. That, however, is changing. Huntington University understands that there is a growing need for graduates with an understanding of, not only the political, historical, and legal ramifications of these problems, but also the economic, social, and spiritual consequences.

Career Paths

Though the International & Development Studies major is new to the HU portfolio, we have a number of graduates who have elected to work in this field.

  • Andrew Wickersham and Austin Flores are each pursuing his master of arts in Middle Eastern Studies
  • Tyler Herber is pursuing a master of arts in South Asian Studies