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History and Political Science


Study the Past. Change the Future.

There’s so much you can do with a history and political science degree, from impacting law and politics to curating a museum. As you study the past, you’ll be better prepared to change the future—holding a greater understanding of the perspectives in place throughout societies and cultures in different times and places. You’ll be encouraged to explore basic values and worldviews of your own, as well as other cultural traditions, then learn how to articulate your personal values, faith, and worldview. 

At Huntington University, our Christian liberal arts setting puts us in a unique place to explore every aspect of history and political science. Get ready to grow in:

  • assessing historical perspectives
  • articulating your personal values
  • understanding contemporary issues
  • connecting events and experiences
  • engaging with the world around you
  • discerning what you learn

History & Political Science Majors & Minors

In the last 15 years, faculty within the department of history and political science have published over 40 books, articles, and more.
Faculty have asked nine students to assist them with research projects as contributors or editors in the last five years.
Through role-playing games that make history come to life, students will likely portray at least six historical characters during their course of study.

You might be a future history-maker if…

If you are passionate about getting the most out of history—out of life—you understand that studying history and political science are not for the passive observer. You’re ready to take things further. 

Taking a text, artifact, or statistic at face value isn’t enough—you have to critically engage with what you are studying. At Huntington University, we can teach you to carefully discern, deconstruct, and dialogue with what you learn. In doing so, you will find that what you are learning about the past is relevant to the world going on outside your door. With endless career possibilities in a variety of fields and industries, you will be ready to engage with and make your own mark on the world. 

Career Opportunities
  • History preservation and restoration
  • Publishing
  • Museums and archives
  • Government administration
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Private consulting
  • Librarian
  • Law and politics
  • Humanitarian organizations
  • Ministry or missions
Dr. Jeff Webb
Professor of History

“Advanced thinking in the fields of history, political science, and international & development studies favors the long game, and there are intellectual and spiritual benefits for those who are willing to work at it through reading and reflection.”

Emily VanderBent
History (2019)

“I had so many beautiful opportunities, from internships to leadership positions to independent studies, that truly helped shape the person I am today. I got to try new things and have opportunities I never could have imagined.”

Kurt Siegel
History Education (2018)

“Teaching history was a simple choice because the professors were so personable and friendly and obviously cared for the students; to add to that, history classes prepared students to read and think critically — a skilled value in any profession.”

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Academic Awards

The S. G. Whittle Johnston Memorial Award in History

The S.G. Whittle Johnston Memorial Award in History has been an annual academic award since 2003. It was established by a 1989 Huntington University history alumna to honor the memory of Dr. S.G. Whittle Johnston, professor of international relations at the University of Virginia and the donor's mentor, graduate advisor, and personal friend. By funding this award, the donor wishes to encourage upper-level history students in their study of history. The award is given to the junior or senior history major who submits the most outstanding work of original scholarship as decided by department faculty. The winner receives a plaque and a significant cash award.


The Ron Frank Memorial Endowment in History

The Frank Fund was established in 1973 to honor the memory of Ron Frank, an HU history major who passed away during the spring semester of his senior year. Donors desire to provide financial assistance to history majors while also memorializing Ron Frank. The endowment funds three awards:

  • The Ron Frank History Travel Award provides up to $500 per student for costs associated with attendance and participation at scholarly meetings. Students who are interested in attending a scholarly conference or convention are invited to apply for these awards in advance of the event.
  • The Jack P. Barlow, Sr., History Book Prize provides $200 worth of books to the outstanding student(s) in the department's senior seminar classes.
  • The Ron Frank Memorial Award for Outstanding Scholarship in History is awarded to graduating history majors who graduate summa cum laude (cumulative GPA of 3.85 or higher). The honor consists of a plaque and a cash award.
Centre for Non-Western Studies

Formed in 2009, the Centre for Non-Western Studies aims to increase student knowledge and understanding of the world outside of the United States. The Centre combines, but is not limited to, the fields of Bible and religion, business, English, history and political science, ministry and missions, TESOL, social work, and sociology.

Brautigam Scholarship

To honor Dr. Brautigam for his commitment to academic excellence at the university, and for his impact on generations of HU alumni, the Brautigam Scholarship has been founded. If you are interested in helping to establish this scholarship to impact history majors for years to come, please consider making a contribution.

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