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History and Political Science

Why study history or political science? Because you want to change the future.

Students in Huntington University's history & political science program are not simply taught the facts of history and the laws of political science, they are encouraged to analyze history and understand the nuances of political science. 

Studying history and political science opens up a world of possibilities. HU graduates have gone on to be lawyers, bankers, political advisors, journalists, teachers, professors, marketers, ... the list is varied, long and impressive. It's extremely common for our students to double major in order to enhance their understanding of the world. 

What Will I Study?

Students can choose courses with an American, European and/or Non-Western focus. Students develop high-order transferable skills in literary and oral communication, argument analysis, teamwork, and independent research. Under the direction of an incredible faculty (between them, they have written 11 books and been awarded seven Professor of the Year Awards) students are mentored to be world changers

Our students engage in roles from the past in order to determine the reasoning and thought behind historical events. This unique take on teaching expands the worldview of students, making them well-rounded free thinkers who don't just perform tasks, they solve problems. 

Check out the courses available to history & political science majors. 

Meet Our Faculty

Brautigam Scholarship

To honor Dr. Brautigam for his commitment to academic excellence at the university, and for his impact on generations of HU alumni, the Brautigam Scholarship has been founded. If you are interested in helping to establish this scholarship to impact history majors for years to come, please consider making a contribution.

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History & Political Science Majors

When students think of history class, they often picture a professor lecturing to desks pointed toward the board. That isn't the case in an HU history class.

By adopting the Reacting To The Past style of teaching, students engage in roles from the past in order to determine the reasoning and thought behind the decisions of those in the history books. Role playing history makes the lessons memorable and unique. 

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History & Political Science Minors

Legal Studies

Huntington University graduates are competitive contenders for admission into law school. Alums have attended such notable grad schools as Notre Dame, IU Bloomington, and Marquette. With a minor in legal studies, students are prepared for a smooth transition to law school or into a career in the legal profession. This minor supplements a major program by giving students increased understanding of the law and the American legal system.

Archaeology Minor

The archaeology minor offers students a sampling of courses in the study of archaeology and allied fields such as anthropology, art, bible & religion, film and history. When paired with a major, such as history, this minor offers a solid foundation for students to continue their education in archaeology and related fields.  

Center for Non-Western Studies

Formed in 2009, the Centre for Non-Western Studies aims to increase student knowledge and understanding of the world outside of the United States. The Centre combines, but is not limited to, the fields of Bible and Religion, Business, English, History and Political Science, Ministry and Missions, TESOL, Social Work and Sociology.

Learning Opportunities