If you want to make a difference in the future, study the past. Approach your education with this mindset and your career has the potential to be meteoric. By learning both content and process, students are encouraged to become problem solvers. Students may choose to major or minor in history. 

What Will I Study? 

The HU history program places a strong emphasis on three things:

  • studying history as a means of improving your cultural literacy
  • striving to understand your own worldview and that of others
  • acquiring a mastery of critical historical methodology—that is, understanding how historians work

The HU Difference

When students think of history class, they often picture a professor lecturing to desks pointed toward the board. That isn't the case in an HU history class. By adopting the Reacting To The Past style of teaching, students engage in roles from the past in order to determine the reasoning and thought behind the decisions of those in the history books. Role playing history makes the lessons memorable and unique. 

Career Paths

Our alumni have gone on to graduate school or entered fields such as history, law, international relations, library science, theology, business, education, educational administration, journalism, and even exercise physiology. They have become members of Congress, judges, teachers, businessmen, theologians, librarians, international consultants, Congressional staff members, college administrators, and college professors. A history degree from Huntington University opens many doors.