Christ.  Scholarship.  Service.

Become a Forester

Huntington University is Right for You!

At Huntington University, you can be more! You are free to be curious, to ask questions, to explore new ideas. You can be a Forester. Foresters are:

Commitment to Honoring Christ. 

Whether they have been a Christian their whole lives or never heard Jesus’ name until they stepped foot on campus, Foresters strive to learn more about Christ. 

Excellence in Scholarship. 

Foresters are inquisitive and interested in well-rounded knowledge and skills. They want to be the best at what they do. 

Humility in Service. 

Each year, Foresters volunteer a combined 13,000 hours of service in the Huntington community and around the world. They desire to help others wherever life takes them.

HU students graduate in 4-years (the national average is 49%)
Acceptance rate for HU students into law school
NCLEX Pass Rate (state average is 83%)
Acceptance rate for HU students into medical school

Tell us more about yourself!

Justin Coleman, Class of 2019

As a member of the Student Activities Board (SAB) at Huntington University, Justin Coleman considers Olympiad one of his favorite SAB events. Justin, along with other SAB student staffers, helped plan this HU annual all-campus tradition in October 2018 for its 25th anniversary. 

Olympiad XXV is the third Olympiad Justin has helped plan and facilitate. 

“You can be yourself and just have fun,” he said. “You can go out of your comfort zone and meet new people.”

While other SAB events take place in one evening, Olympiad is a four-day experience packed with activities from synchronized swimming to acapella ensembles to Fear Factor. Olympiad is also unique because it divides all of campus into four teams in an intense but friendly competition.

During Olympiad, spontaneous team chants in the Dining Commons or colorful streamers on campus are just part of ordinary life

“It’s something you have to be on campus to experience,” Justin said.