Sport and Exercise Studies

Careers in personal training, strength and conditioning, corporate wellness, and coaching are among the options made possible by a degree in sport and exercise studies.

Prepared for Future Career

The sport and exercise studies program prepares undergraduate students for entry-level positions in the health, wellness, and fitness industries, among others, in addition to preparation for master’s level studies in kinesiology/exercise science.

Students in the sport and exercise studies program take course work grounded in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Leadership program, including coaching of strength and conditioning, nutrition, prevention and care of athletic injuries, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, biomechanics, and research. They are supported by extensive coursework in business, and psychology. Students in this program are required to take 7 credits worth of experiential learning (3 credits of a Practicum experience; 4 credits of an Internship experience), totaling more than 300 clock hours of practical experience.

If you are ready to hit the workforce and make a difference in people’s lives immediately after college, the sport and exercise studies program is for you.

Grow Your Degree

At our university, you can earn a minor in recreation, coaching, or sports ministry; a minor in exercise science is also available. Teacher certification programs are available, and Red Cross certifications in first aid and CPR (or EMT certification) are required for graduation.