The Audition Process

When completing the application for admission to Huntington University, a prospective music major must also contact the Music Department, fill out a performance grant application, and schedule an audition. The Music Department must audition and accept all students wishing to declare a music major or minor. Check out the entrance requirements for music majors and guidelines for music auditions for more information.

We strongly recommend that musicians plan to visit and audition in person on one of our regularly scheduled music visit days. These include special Mondays during February. The audition days typically begin at 9:00 AM with a representative from admissions, followed by rehearsals of audition repertoire from 10:00 until 11:00 AM We hold auditions in the Recital Hall at 11:00 AM; parents are welcome to attend. After the auditions, students and parents have the opportunity to have lunch with the music faculty. The afternoon is open for anyone wishing to tour campus or visit classes. Auditionees may spend the night in the dorms with current music students, and parents can find lodging at the nearby hotels.

The Audition Criteria

The music faculty at Huntington University are primarily interested in students’ potential for success in a music career, love of their art, their willingness to commit themselves to diligent study, and their desire to use their gifts for the glory of God. Faculty judge all auditionees by this criteria. 

If, through the audition process, it comes to our attention that you do not have advanced skills to bring to your music pursuits, you may be placed on a provisional status for the first year. This grants you full privileges as a music major yet indicates that the level of your accomplishments must be at or above a certain standard for you to continue. We do this to enhance your opportunity for success by providing you with the best incentives for succeeding in your chosen field.

Non-Music Major Auditions for Performance Grant

Audition for one of our non-major music performance grants.  

See the Audition Details link for the entire document, but here are highlights.

1.  Sign up for an  audition on one of our regular admissions Visit Days.

2.  Bring THREE completed audition forms.

3.  Choose ONE song that best showcases your voice or instrument.

4.  Accompaniest provided, but you bring the music.

5.  Grants are renewable for up to 4 years for full-time students. No re-audition required.

6.  $1,000 Music Grants are for first-time freshmen or new transfer non-music majors only.

7. Online auditions available:

Details and Application