Guidelines for Auditions

All prospective music majors and minors must audition to be accepted into any music degree program.

Audition Requirements

  1. Two selections from the "classical" or "art song" repertory comprised of contrasting periods and styles. Show tunes, pop music, and  contemporary Christian songs are not acceptable for a college audition.
    • Vocalists should have one art song or aria in English and one in a foreign language, if possible. Please do not choose Latin choral pieces.
    • Brass, winds, and orchestral strings should prepare at least one piece with piano accompaniment. The other selection can be a contrasting etude or orchestral excerpt.
    • Percussionists should prepare one melodic percussion piece (mallets) and be prepared to demonstrate basic rudiments on snare.
    • Pianists should be prepared to play one Romantic piece, twentieth-century piece, or a movement from a larger work by such composers as Chopin, Brahms, Debussy, Bartók, or any other concert music composer. In addition, please prepare one Classical piece, Baroque piece, or a movement from a larger work such as a Mozart sonata or Bach suite.
    • Guitarists should prepare one classical (finger-style) piece, one accompaniment to a hymn, scales played across all six strings, and one piece from tablature notation.
  2. Ten minutes is the maximum time allowed for each audition. Please consult your high school director or private teacher for help in choosing appropriate repertoire.
  3. An accompanist will be provided. No accompanist tapes please. Bring clear and readable copies of your music in the original score or in a binder, printed front to back, and in book form (loose, photocopied sheets can fall off the piano while you are playing or singing). You will be given time to work with the accompanist before your audition.
  4. Audition repertoire for vocalists, pianists, and guitarists must be memorized. Wind and string players are encouraged to memorize selections.

Scheduling Auditions

  • Auditions are normally scheduled on Music Department audition days. Auditions are held in January and February. Special auditions can be arranged but only in emergency situations when none of the regular audition days will work.
  • All grants are awarded by February 15th, therefore later auditions cannot be considered for any grant money.




Provisional Status

If, through the audition process, it comes to our attention that you do not have any advanced skills to bring to your music pursuits, you may be placed on provisional status for the first year. This grants you full privileges as a music major yet indicates that the level of your accomplishments must be at or above a certain standard for you to continue. There is also an online Theory I Prep Course that each student needs to complete which ensures that every student is properly prepared for college-level music study. We do this to enhance your opportunity for success by providing you with the best incentives for succeeding in your chosen field.