Potential Future Program Ideas

Signature Academic Program Development or Expansion Ideas: 

  • Digital Media Arts
  • Nursing
  • Business
  • Agriculture

Undergraduate Academic Expansion or Launch Ideas: 

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science - Cyber Security
  • Emerging Media
  • Criminal Justice
  • Kinesiology, OTA
  • Music Technology
  • History and Political Science
  • Institute for TESOL Studies

Graduate Academic Launch Ideas: 

  • Athletic Training
  • Sports Management
  • Advanced – Medical / Allied Health, Chiropractic, Dental, PA
  • Doctoral programs – Psychology / Counseling/ Education
  • MBA

Co-Curricular Program Launch Ideas: 

  • JV Athletic Programs
  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Show Choir
  • Industry Certifications
    • Business
    • Advanced Computing

Bold Moves – Big Ideas

  • Guaranteed Pricing Opportunities
  • Guaranteed Transfer Pricing Opportunities
  • Football / Cheer / Band
  • School of Nursing Partnerships
  • School of Chiropractic Medicine
  • School of Optometry
  • Ivy Tech Collaboration
  • Online Expansion
  • Spiritual Living – Learning Facility at Purdue (Residence Hall)
  • Spiritual Living – Learning Facility at the largest Ivy Tech (Residence Hall)
  • Foundation Year Program with China
  • Guaranteed job in major field of study within 1 year of graduation or 1st year of graduate school tuition is free.
  • Expansion to other US locations.
  • School of Architecture
  • School of Engineering

Additional Possibilities:

  • 3 Year Graduation Program
  • 3 +1 program or 4 +1 program
  • First Year Experience (ABLE) expanded
  • Senior Townhouse living (collaborate with Heritage)
  • Medical/Allied Health facility (collaborate with Parkview)
  • DIY - Design your own HU experience - permit students to combine existing courses related to an area of interest in a way that best meets their needs. Package with unique J-term, experiential learning, co-curricular experience. Focus on competencies and interests.
  • Create the HU Art Institute – F2F or online certificates, degrees, MFA.
  • Enhance computer science degree with a minor or a major in robotics engineering, networking, biometric systems, business intelligence/analytics
  • Forensic science (as a major or within the Criminal Justice major)
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • ROTC
  • Campus road that would go straight out to 24 from the parameter drive near MCA.
  • Summer Drone/UAV training camp
  • Summer Film/Broadcasting camp
  • May Term Feature Film ($40K budget to produce a inspirational feature film each summer)
  • Spring Film Festival with featured filmmaker from Hollywood with HS and JR hs contest and awards
  • Master’s in Education – Intense Intervention
  • Reduce the general core for students double majoring
  • Selected faculty re-map load to 3 courses each semester with 4th course time to go towards recruiting majors in their area (on site visits and networking expected and accounted for)
  • Develop the “Mall” area and lawn areas in front of Baker Hall into a engaging place for students to hang out in and socialize with possible permanent fire pit, basketball course, volleyball court, amphitheater, etc... Build a walking bridge ACROSS Lake Snowtip.
  • International studies major (including history, business, ministry and missions, a required semester abroad). Could use CCCU programs for the semester abroad.
  • A thesis option for majors, who would get some research support and some kind of recognition on their transcripts.
  • A graduation exam requirement for each major and for the core.
  • Partner with churches to offer ministry and/or Bible/theology courses for seniors or adults.
  • Culinary Arts or Nutritional science
  • Major/program in Musical Theatre
  • Minor in Asian languages