Huntington University Strategy Summary

Huntington University’s strategy capitalizes on its Christian mission and numerous strengths while aggressively adding student value; value that is rich in faith integration, academic excellence and real-life experience. A focus on five Strategic Pillars allows Huntington University to advance the mission, vision, and impact of the institution. The five Strategic Pillars are:

  • Strengthening the Huntington University Experience
  • Enhancing a Culture of Academic Excellence
  • Sustaining Spiritual Significance and Faithful Service
  • Promoting Enrollment Growth, Strategic Programs, and Visibility
  • Increasing Student Economic Value and Institutional Viability

Communicating a common perspective for each pillar and the future effectively empowers the entire University to align with key objectives, visualize success, and understand how it is measured. With rigorous development, resource allocation, execution, and review the Huntington University Strategic Plan is intended to lead to the following outcomes by 2022:

Strategic Outcomes:

  • A More Spiritually Inspired Student Body
  • Centers of Academic Excellence and Signature Growth Programs
  • Diversified Revenue Streams
  • Enrollment Growth of Traditional Undergraduate Students to 1200 FTE
  • Enrollment Growth of Graduate and Adult Students to 500 FTE
  • High Faculty and Staff Satisfaction
  • Improved Graduation Rates
  • Increased Applied Learning Experiences
  • Increased Student Economic Value
  • Increased Student Satisfaction
  • Institutional Financial Sustainability
  • Strategic Investment in Student Experience and Enrollment
  • Top Tier Career and Graduate School Placement

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