Task Force

Strategic plans don't just appear; they are the work of teams of individuals who come together to dream, plan, discuss and debate. Faith Forward 2022 is no exception. We had an incredible team of people come together to create the framework for Faith Forward 2022 and we thank them for their time and talent. 

2014-2015 University Leadership Council Members

  • Dr. Lance Clark, Professor of Digital Media Arts Film & Communications
  • Dr. Ronald Coffey, Vice President for Student Life
  • Mr. Jay Duffer, Associate Professor of Theatre
  • Dr. Sherilyn Emberton, President
  • Dr. Bruce Evans, Professor of Biology
  • Mrs. Shelia Hacker, Assistant Director of Financial Services
  • Mrs. Sarah Harvey, Registrar
  • Mr. Troy Irick, Assistant Professor of Business
  • Dr. Karen Jones, Professor of Ministry & Missions
  • Dr. Carla MacDonald, Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Dr. Ann McPherren, Vice President for Strategy & Graduate/Professional Programs
  • Dr. Paul Michelson, Professor of History and Distinguished Professor
  • Mr. Nathan Perry, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Mr. Scott Raymond, Executive Director of Student Success
  • Dr. Matthew Ruiz, Professor of Kinesiology
  • Mr. Gregory Smitley, Vice President for Business & Finance/Treasurer
  • Dr. Cynthia Steury, Professor of Education
  • Dr. Linda Urschel, Professor of English
  • Dr. Michael Wanous, Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty

2014-2015 Board of Trustees Executive Committee

  • Ms. Kelly Savage, Chair
  • Dr. Herbert Schumm, Vice Chair
  • Mrs. Nancy Hull, Secretary
  • Dr. Carol Clark, Academic Programs Committee Chair
  • Mrs. Candace Curie, Advancement Committee Chair
  • Dr. Edward Souers, Board Development Committee Chair
  • Dr. Dalton Jenkins, Enrollment Management and University Relations Committee Chair
  • Mr. Brian Nofzinger, Finance Committee Chair
  • Ms. Nancy Lamport, Student Life Committee Chair
  • Rev. Todd Fetters, At-Large Member

Student Senate Executive Committee

  • Ms. Lauren Frischman, Student Senate Secretary
  • Mr. Tyson Kalischuk, Student Senate Treasurer
  • Mr. Aron Tan, Student Senate President
  • Mr. Sam Thompson, Student Senate Vice President

Strategic Consultant

  • Mr. Ed Vessels, Hi-Valu LLC